Fill out the form below for any design work to be done by Ali. 

Be mindful of the following:

  • Submit design requests at the same time as you submit your program proposal. As far as deadlines are concerned, you'll follow the same deadlines for program proposals, which you can click here to see. 
  • Your event may not be co-sponsored with other organizations. The host must be SPACES, SIAPS, or ASP (or a combination of the three). If your event is co sponsored, then you are responsible for meeting your design needs on your own.
  • The lead coodinator for the project must be a SPACES staff member as well.  
  • Once you meet the above requirements, click the "Submit new request" button below to get started.
  • If you have changes that need to be made after you've submit your request, click the "Submit changes" button below. 
  • Once you submit your request or change, you'll get a confirmation e-mail from me shortly after.